HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Compacting Machine for Segregated Tin and Aluminum Cans

Inocentes S. Queroljico | Nicanor L. Serrano

Discipline: Engineering, Industrial Engineering



The current state of the environment is not all good. The Philippines has the dubious distinction of having the second most polluted air in terms of suspended particles. Air and water quality in urban areas is in unhealthy state. Water pollution is dominated by solid wastes including generation of more than six thousand tons of garbage per day.  Bulk of this garbage includes biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials such as tin and aluminum cans. Metro Manila Development Authority and the local government unit of Metro Manila decided to implement the collection of solid wastes by segregations.

This research study was conducted to evaluate the acceptability of a portable compactor as a machine or equipment to be used for recycling solid waste like aluminum and tin cans in order to solve the problem of space or storage for these solid wastes while waiting for the day of collection.

There were no problems as far as maintenance for the portable compactor. The main components of the portable compactor are the hydraulic jack, pressure plate, the bin and the frame of the body of the machine. The cost of constructing and manufacturing a portable compactor is approximately P5,000.00 for one unit alone. But for mass production, this portable compactor would be lessened to around P 3,000.00. The recommended materials would be a combination of wood and steel and galvanized iron sheets for economical consideration. Questionnaires were distributed to the respondents and the categories were scaled from one to five (1-5) having a mean value of 4.75, which was interpreted as strongly acceptable. All of the twenty-five respondents being interviewed had positive responses with the prototype. This portable compactor benefit them economically at the same time would help them in reducing the problems in solid wastes management within the metropolis.