HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Predictors of Licensure Examination Performance of TIP Bachelor of Science in Marine Trsansportation Graduates, Officer-In-Charge level

Danilo S. Sotelo | Gerardo T. Tañada

Discipline: Education, Maritime Studies



Quality education in an institution is oftentimes determined by the kind of graduates that the institution produces. Likewise, the quality of graduates produced by an institution is measured by their performance in the licensure examinations. The percentage of passers in an examination gauges the quality of education of a particular school. School performance refers to the percentages of examinees from a particular board examination conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

This descriptive study determined the correlation between academic achievement and licensure examination performance among the cadets who have finished the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation from several Maritime Institutions in Metro Manila. The participants of the study were the thirty-four randomly selected graduates of Marine Transportation who passed the OIC Licensure Examination for Deck given by the PRC from calendar year 2003 to 2005. Data sources were the cadets’ records available to them. Means, standard deviation, frequency counts, and percentage were utilized to describe the obtained data; while the t-test to test for independent sample between the licensure examination and academic achievement; the One-Way Analysis of Variance to test the significant differences between licensure examination and academic achievement with factors such as grade point average, age, year gap, category of student and type of program; and the Pearson’s r set at 0.05 alpha level were employed in the inferential analysis.