HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Multi-Disciplinary Competency Based Assessment (MCBAS) Online: A Web-Based Examination Generator

Mark Gil C. Mercado | Allan D. Go

Discipline: Education, Computer Science, Information Technology



This study is aimed to contribute to the vision of the Technological Institute of the Philippines, as a school that is managed efficiently with computerized operations capable of having fast access to accurate information and flexibility to respond to an ever changing environment to ensure financial viability and as a school with the best work environment for its teaching and non-teaching employees. This study was undertaken to develop an online Multi-Disciplinary Competency Based Assessment System (MCBAS), which is an examination generated for TIP that can store all pertinent information about each and every subject in a database for further query.

Descriptive is the method used to gather information from the user of the system. Questionnaires were prepared for faculty members to determine their willingness of having this kind of online system. The logical design of the project was laid out, which involved the dataflow design of the system to determine the different processes that the system contains, as well as determining if there are redundant processes or any process, which are not really necessary. The physical design was concerned with the interfaces to be used in the system. The user interface was very important because it served as the software’s window to the user. Database design was helpful by showing the relationship of the entities that are involved in the system, as well as the entity sets used and their respective attributes involved. In this design, the bottom up modular programming, which started from the smallest unit to the bigger modules was utilized. After creating the units, it was integrated to form the whole system. Implementation and testing were conducted to be able to test the possible errors that occurred during the creation and storing of exams and be corrected at once.