HomeJournal of Northern Luzonvol. 33 no. 1-2 (2010)

The Lunario: Surfacing the Ilokano’s Belief in Astrology as a Vehicle to Good Life

Bonifacio V. Ramos | Genoveva S. Ramos



The Lunario nga Sao ti Iloco has been published in many editions since the 1900s) and has consistently carried the subtitle: Inadaw daytoy a Lunario nga inaramid dagiti lima nga Astrologo a da Enrico, Martinez, Fragano, Holemio, and Alvamento nga tinarimaan ken pinaidimmil ni Vicente Parayno Corpus). Marcelino A. Forondas’ personal library is reported to have a 19 58 copy of this 61-page 14 x 10 cm pamphlet. The foreword (Pacaammo), zodiac signs associated with the months and their meanings (Signos), tables (Tablas), signs (Seniales) of the sun, moon, stars, and other objects in the natural environment have made the Lunario a useful guide to the Ilokanos of the old and present times in planning their activities associated with agriculture, business and trading, traveling, conducting negotiations, constructing edifices, protection of health and life, courtship, and more. Using qualitative data gathering techniques, this paper investigates the role and methods of the Lunario expert whose counsel is sought, and the beliefs and practices of the adherents, and the factors that account for the survival of the Lunario as a guide to good living among many Ilokano families (including that of the writer) in spite of modernization.