HomeKinaadman: A Journal of the Southern Philippinesvol. 30 no. 1 (2008)

Point of View in Six Matsumoto Stories: A Stylistics Analysis

Bernadette S. Tismo



Any text, including all types of literary text, is always considered a linguistic construct and thus, could always be processed as a linguistic construct. Along this premise, an attempt to interpret the meaning of any given text should entail a thorough examination of the language of that text.
As a long established approach to textual analysis, Stylistics refers to the practice of using linguistics for the study of literature. Widdowson (as cited by Cook, in “Text, Extracts & Stylistic Texture,” Brumfit, 1986) defines stylistics as the study of literary discourse from a linguistics orientation. To Widdowson, stylistics is concerned both with interpretation and the language code; with both what the text means and why and how it means what it does.