HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 5 no. 1 (2000)

Comprehensive Urban Renewal Plan of Luneta Park Highlighting Filipino Architecture: A Proposal

Edgar M. Chavez

Discipline: Engineering, Cultural Ecology



The study aimed to provide effective urban renewal approaches or strategies in the redevelopment of the park for it to retain its role and function as the national park and re-establish its lost glory. It aimed to incorporate Filipino Architecture in the proposed redevelopment plans that will enable the Luneta park to attract people again as their venue for recreation, relaxation and for their family weekend activities, to recommend amenities or facilities needed for the improvement of the park, to create programs and activities that will encourage people to patronize the park again and to protect people inside the park.

The study served as reference and guide material for the redevelopment of other major national parks in the near future. The study hoped to help urban planners, government planners, and the local government unit of Manila and other decision-makers / stakeholders involved in the management of national parks.

In carrying out of the study, actual site observation and investigations were conducted more especially on the study area where redevelopment was badly needed. Several interviews with the local officials and concerned staff and park users in the preparation of the redevelopment plans were also conducted.

The proposed redevelopment plan of the Luneta Park based on the findings and results will lead to the patronization of the area once again considering that the plans will provide new facilities and programs that will attract both local and foreign tourists. Security measures, such as more security guards visibility will provide solution to the safety of the people inside the park. Maintenance programs, such as daily collection of trash and other wastes will be implemented to minimize if not totally eradicate wastes inside the park. There will be activities focused on Filipino values and culture that will be shown and played by the different artists in the area to motivate people to use the park and at the same time to bring again the traditional values and culture we had before. These activities are envisioned to enhance the park redevelopment and make people once again patronize the park.