HomeThe Trinitian Researchervol. 2 no. 1 (2009)

Meta-Analysis of the ACSCU-AAI Accreditation Survey Instrument: Towards Achieving Quality and Excellence in Education

Teresita D. Daffon

Discipline: Education



This study assessed the data in the nine areas of the ACSCU-AAI (Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities – Accrediting Agency, Inc.) accreditation survey instrument. It aimed to determine if each data included in maintaining, delivering and developing quality and excellent education would improve the basic areas of concern after having earned accreditation status. The results revealed that the indicators used in the instrument sufficiently justified the standards for the delivery of quality education. Quisumbing, former Secretary of the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports said:


“The task of reconstruction is something that no revolution can bring about unless people undergo a revolution of the mind and the heart … the revolution of the mind and the heart is the process of education…


Between equity and quality, that is a problem in education in a nutshell … Voluntary accreditation addresses itself primarily to the problem of quality … This is a challenge to FAAP (Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines) – how to tackle the problem of quality and have the benefits of that quality trickle down the line … to upgrade the standards of institutions so they can be of greater service to all.”