HomePhilippiniana Sacravol. 45 no. 135 (2010)

Philosophy and Holiness: A Metaphysical Essay on Communion

Macario Ofilada



Philosophy, a free and intelligent response to the calling of the transcendental, is undertaken from the immanence of time and space within the limits of the objective world. Quite simply, philosophy undermines the very process of transforming existence into life.

This essay offers a model of viewing philosophy as metaphysical and that the roots of all man’s metaphysical or philosophical aspirations are religious. Because of the discrepancy between the metaphysical and our perceptions of seeing the world objectively, the question of polarity between the divine and the human, the infinite and the finite, God and man, the Absolute and all forms of spiritualities are probed and put into question.

This paper further upholds that spirituality, as a consequence of our reflections on holiness within the perspective of metaphysics and guided by communion, opens up new visions and articulations to speak of truth with a much grounded foundation.