HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Manpower Requirements of Manufacturing Industries: Inputs to Curriculum Development

Ma. Teodora E. Gutierrez

Discipline: Industrial Engineering, Human Resources Management



Manpower Requirements of Manufacturing Industries: Inputs to Curriculum Development


This study sought to know the priority competency skills of manufacturing industries for an entry-level engineer. There were forty respondents in the study: fifteen Human Resource Managers and twenty-five Industrial Engineering Managers/Practitioners from twenty-three manufacturing firms in the National Capital Region.


The top six identified priority competency skills of the manufacturing industries were: 1. Leadership Skills, 2. Ability to See the Big-Picture, 3. Problem Solving Skills, 4. Organization Understanding, 5. Coping Skills and 6. Technological Awareness and Understanding. Correlation analysis among the different competency skills was also conducted using SPSS v.14. It reflected that Problem Solving Skills and Leadership Skills could be independent variables and the dependent variables were Performance Understanding, Ability to see the Big Picture, Systems Thinking and Understanding, Technological Awareness and Understanding as reflected in the correlation analysis. A self-assessment of the Industrial Engineering Curriculum Program in relation to the resulted industry priority skills was conducted in the recommendation. Skill gaps were present and suggested actions were identified in order to close the gap. Finally, the implication of this research will serve as the benchmark in assessing other engineering curricula in order to increase the employability success of our graduates.