HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

The Effectiveness of the Gateway Logistics, Incorporated Website: Input to the Development of an Enhanced On-Line System

Edson T. Talla | Roselia C. Morco

Discipline: Information Technology, Computer Technology



Logistics is considered as a tool for getting resources in the form of products, services and people where they are needed and when they are desired. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing of product and services without logistic support. Logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, materials handling and packing. The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in process, and finished inventories where required at the lowest cost possible. In business, logistics may have either internal focus, or external focus covering the flow from originating supplier to end-user. In the internal focus, the main functions of a logistics manager include purchasing, transport, warehousing, and the organizing and planning of these activities. Logistics managers combine a general knowledge of each of these functions so that there is a coordination of resources in an organization. There are two fundamentally different forms of logistics. One optimizes a steady flow of materials through a network of transport links and storage nodes. The other coordinates a sequence of resources to carry out some projects. In the Philippines, logistics business is rapidly growing and there are now many companies evolving like the Gateway Logistics Incorporated. GATEWAY LOGISTICS, INC., was established in July 2002. It is the newest complement of a group of transport and logistics companies of the Cojuangco group. Its activities are the most encompassing, forwarder, brokerage, domestic distributor, and general agency for domestic and foreign shipping.


This study was conducted with the end view of developing the existing web site into a dynamic website. Thus, it would provide benefits to the Customers/Clients/Visitors, to the Company, to the Information seekers, to the College of Information Technology Education of TIPQC, which conducted the commissioned research.


 The target beneficiaries of the on line system were the employees of Gateway Logistics Incorporated, and its employees as well as its customers.


This study aimed to develop a dynamic website of the Gateway Logistics Incorporated and determine its effectiveness to be evaluated by the customers/clients and employees of Gateway Logistics Incorporated. The proposed system was developed using the different tools such as HTML, JavaScript, CGI Script, Flash, Fireworks and Dream weaver.


The proposed system has some features such as company profile, mission and vision, products and services and others.


The study did not include the trace and tracking services of the existing website.