HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Development and Assessment of Ergonomically Designed Work Surface-Checklist for Methods Engineering Laboratory at TIPQC

Jaypy T. Tenerife

Discipline: Engineering



An assessment of human factors’ consideration for the work surface of Methods Engineering Laboratory in TIP-QC was the main objective of this study.


In many cases, poor design of workplace led to a drop in production efficiency. A lot of times, people took for granted the inefficiencies that existed in such an interface. It was when significant ill-effects accrued that one realized the problem and took corrective actions.


The study wished to identify if the existing design and work surface of TIP’s Methods Engineering Laboratory is in conformity with human characteristics and has appropriate design to increase efficiency and productivity of students. The study was based on the ergonomics’ fundamental concepts—all human-made tools, devices, equipment, machines and environment should advance directly or indirectly the safety, well being and performance of all students. This will be viable, through the development of an ergonomically designed work surface-checklist for Methods Engineering Laboratory at TIP-QC.