HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 5 no. 1 (2008)

Design of Variable Forms for Construction: An Economic Cast-in Situ System Mass Housing Project

Ma. Antonia Jennifer E. Nardo | Guel C. Climacosa



Looking back at the high cost of material and labor and at the same time targeting to deliver good quality and sound construction, the study looked into the other options, which possibly offer other alternatives to balance all issues considered in the process. To introduce construction system and method of technology intended to solve issues and adhere to the basic principle of the cast-in place method was the focused of the study.

The project covered the design of variable forms for mass housing production. The design was made up to fabricate steel. Sheet metals were fastened with bolts and nuts and tension rods. The variable forms were applicable to a limited variation with respect to its form location and size of structure components.

The project was made up of sheet metal with 3/16”x 2” angel bar framing with key locks. For stiffeners, 3/16” thick x 2” Flat bar full fillet welded at every 0.10m distance on center for horizontal and 0.15 for vertical stiffener with variable forms were used for specific structural forms variations-adjustable.

The data were gathered through on site survey during workers break time, office and site for project managers and supervisors, informal meeting or during formal meeting.

In the study, the respondents’ evaluation results signify the complete acceptability of the proposed design, most especially in the aspects of its application and design components.

Based on the procedures observed on the conventional method of construction of typical housing units, it takes more than a week to finish one unit to complete. This is making into consideration the characteristics of concrete during plastic stage of concrete hollow blocks. At most, five layers of CHB the mason should cease continuous laying since it may result to the arrangement distortion due to gravitational force. Also, after CHB laying the surface should be smoothened by plastering. Plastering procedures consume a lot of time in doing another set of layouting, measuring, constant checking of the layouts and it involves so much worker in the performance of this task, the respondents result of evaluation, its signify the complete acceptability of the proposed design, most especially in the aspects of its application and design components. Also the variable forms for mass housing project being proposed in this study answer the contractors problem on how to fast track every project for mass housing construction by applying the project managers’ task. The proposed variable forms will benefit every contractor involved in the construction of socialized housing locally and abroad to deliver better quality of housing product more economical and time saving procedure by not sacrificing the integrity of the structure in making dwelling unit a safe place.