HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 5 no. 1 (2008)

Level of Concordance of C.I.T.E. Graduating Students Based on CHED Competency Standard

Lorena W. Rabago



This study was undertaken to assess or measure the level of competency of the graduating students of TIP-College of Information Technology Education. The study aimed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the CITE graduating students on personal skills., interpersonal skills and technical understanding. The study provided evidences on how the higher education courses seek to improve the implementation of all their programs for the employability and success of ITE graduates in the light of their experiences in finding employment.

The study utilized the CHED competency standard in the assessment of the present competency of the CITE graduating students. The study focused on the following categories: Personal skills such as personal discipline skills, critical thinking skills, inter and intra personal skills, problem solving skills, ethical thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, innovative, perseverance in pursuing goals and planning and organizing skills; interpersonal skills such as team work and collaborative skills and oral and written communication skills; and technical understanding on the different specialization areas.

The respondents were composed of ITE students from the three courses: BSCS, BSIT and BSIM. Comprehensive analysis of the results of evaluation was applied as basis for conclusions.

The evaluation showed that majority of the respondents from three courses assessed their competency as average in terms of personal skills, interpersonal skills and technical understanding. It was also noted that the college may focus on the development of program for the development of the students’ competency particularly on research.

After the comprehensive analysis and data interpretation, this study conclude that the level of concordance of CITE graduating students based on CHED competency standard is on the average level, the college may focus on the development of program for the development of the students’ competency on personal skills, interpersonal skills and technical understanding particularly on research; the CITE graduating students weaknesses are on their personal skills are on planning and organizing, problem solving, inter and intra-personal motivation; for interpersonal skills, they need improvement on conflict resolution and teamwork and collaborative skills; for the technical understanding, the students need to improve on research, systems analysis and design and knowledge management and; the CITE graduating students showed strength on perseverance in pursuing their goals and continuous improvement, ethical thinking, personal discipline, and systems distribution.