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Monitoring and Evaluation of Student Performance: Enhancement of the TIP Records Management System

Roselia C. Morco | Jhoan S. Valdez



The study entitled “Monitoring and Evaluation of Students’ Performance: Enhancement of TIP Records Management System” was designed, created and evaluated to improve the students’ record management system with ease of use. The developed system helps the user to track students’ academic disciplinary probation with ease of use through the graphical user interface employed on the system.

The system makes use of prototyping method to identify the necessary and important requirements of the present system (NARRA) which was able to give emphasis on accessibility and outputs during developmental stage of the system. The method used allows the team to study the history of the present system, redesign for easy navigation and use of the system, make and improve additional features expected from a record management system.

The system was created using Visual Basic 6.0 as the front end and MSSQL server as its back-end for the purpose of making the records management system easy to maintain, portable and efficient.

The developed system was evaluated using ISO 9126 which describes the characteristics of quality software such as functionality, reliability, efficiency, usability, maintainability and portability. Usability is an important aspect of software products. Several studies have shown that in addition to functionality and reliability, usability is a very important success factor. The usability of a product can be tested from mainly two different perspective “ease-of-use” and “quality-in-use”. The ease or comfort during usage is mainly determined by characteristics of the software product itself, such as the user-interface. Within this type of scope usability is pa part of product quality characteristics. Usability is the capability of the software to be understood, learned, used and liked by the user when used. The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in specified context of use. The system focused on the usability to help users to easily navigate and manipulate the system. The system was evaluated by IT Professionals and the intended users of the system, which is the Guidance and Counseling staff. Based on the evaluation, the system is usable.

With an average mean of 4.5, the evaluation shows that majority of the respondents found out that the system is usable in terms of functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability. The evaluation on the usability shows that it satisfies the basic requirements of a record management system that should excel in its functionality, reliability, efficiency, maintainability and portability. And it was concluded that the system is usable in terms of functionality, reliability, efficiency, maintainability and portability; that the system is usable and useful especially in generating reports; that the system generally exceeded basic requirements of a record management system; that the above-mentioned statements attest to the usability of the Records Management System in Technological Institute of the Philippines

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