HomeDLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studiesvol. 5 no. 10 (1969)

Japan's Yukio Mishima and His Latest Book

Hermenegildo Encarnacion

Discipline: Cultural Studies



In Japan, Yukio Mishima is a legendary hero. He has dazzled everyone with the range of his talents. Author of 16 novels, 33 plays, 80 short stories, a travel book, innumerable essays and journalistic articles; Mishima is also an actor, a movie director, a professional singer, an expert kendo swordsman, a weight lifter, a wrestler and one of the' strongest men of Japan. He is also a man-about-town, a lavish entertainer, world traveler and a recipient of a citation from the Emperor of Japan. This super product' of the new Japan is only forty-three summers old, and bears the staid name of Kimitake Hiraoka but prefers a name created by hIs own legend - Yukio Mishima.