HomeRecoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)

A Mathematical Model on Social Integration Explaining Global Suicide Rate Among Men and Women

Mark S. Borres | Jergen D. Orias | Alvin Mercado

Discipline: Mathematics, Psychology, Statistics



This paper aims to present a mathematical model for explaining global suicide rate among men and women across the world since 2007. Analysis of this nature grants a valuable input to comprehensively associate suicide incidence in men and women to its socially perceivable integrated factors. This paper is designed from a descriptive approach, data mining technique, utilizing available data taken from the Human Development Report 2013 of the United Nations where social integration indicators were specified. Results indicated a huge variation between the incidences of men and women suicide rates and from among the specified indicators; more pronounced in men than women. The variations can be explained by the significant societal-integrated factors affecting men including Well-being Index (p-value 0.03), Societal Index(P=0.00), and Safety Index (P=0.05) while only Societal Index (P=0.00) has contributed significantly to the occurrence of the phenomenon in women. This gender-based and social integration based analysis can significantly contribute to understanding of suicide and designing more effective suicide preventions and interventions for both men and women in the society.