HomeRecoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)

Verification On The Impact Of Plant Cover Variability To The Anuran Diversity In Bohol, Philippines Using Fractal Analysis

Beverly F. Basalo | Mark Ian C. Andres | Roramie V. Arco | Ricky B. Villeta | Joyce C. Unabia

Discipline: Bio-Diversity



This study attempted to analyse the impact of the diversity of plant covers of the different sites of Bohol, Philippines to the diversity of Anurans. The researchers utilized a novel method of analysis in the nature of geometrical fractal and statistical analysis where the following are computed: 1.) the number of species per site per cover (agricultural/forest) 2.) the record of species of the respective covers 3.) the fractal dimension of the relationship that exists between 1 and 2 were calculated in five (5) trials. The centroid regression approach was used to determine the strength of relationship and the degree of impact of the variability in the plant covers to the diversity of Anurans in the area. The fitted regression line (with R-sp. of 91.9%) states that Anuran species’ diversity increased the number of the plant covers in both agricultural and forest increased. In fact, for every unit increased the number of species they cover increased the Anuran species’ diversity to approximate 46%. Moreover, fractal correlation in terms of the diversity of plant covers explained the increase in the diversity of Anurans’ species where implication for policies on greening tree planting and environmental protection could be advanced.