HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 17 no. 1 (2015)

An ICT-Based Learning Material for Business Mathematics

Ralyn E. Bermude | Carmen A. Aldovino | Maria Cecilia G. Cantos



The primary objective of this study is to develop and validate an ICT based learning material for Mathematics of Investment. Research and Development research design was utilized in this study. Rapid Application Development (RAD) was used in the development of the system. The functionalities of the web-based instructional material were designed and developed using the Hypertext Preprocessor as the programming language and MySQL as the database based on the illustrated Unified Modelling Language diagram. On the other hand, the interactive learning module software was validated by administering a survey questionnaire to purposely selected groups of respondents: the learners, teachers and IT experts. Result of the survey was analyzed using statistical treatment such as weighted mean, t-test, ANOVA, and post-hoc test.

Based on the results, it is clear that the learner-respondents believed that the use of the interactive module motivates them to have more interest in the lessons and it helped improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes. In the same manner, faculty respondents rated highly the indicators concerning the contents and user-interface features of the interactive module in terms of its helpfulness, relevance, accuracy, usefulness, authenticity, attractiveness, can induce interest and clarity. Similarly, a highly positive feedback of the interactive learning material software quality in terms of functionality, reliability, security, portability, usability, maintainability, compatibility and performance efficiency were indicated by the IT experts.

Results of the validation revealed feedback from different perspectives pointing to acceptability of the interactive module. Hence, it follows that said software can be integrated in the teaching of the course Mathematics of Investment.