HomePhilippine Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgeryvol. 24 no. 1 (2009)

An Improvised Tracheostoma Button Fabricated From Disposable Plastic Syringe

Reynerio M. Vencio | Emmanuel Tadeus S. Cruz, Md



Objective: To design inexpensive, easily fabricated stoma buttons for post-laryngectomy patients with stomal stenosis and patients who require prolonged tracheotomy.
Design: Surgical Instrumentation
Setting: Tertiary Government Hospital
Subjects: Tracheostoma buttons fabricated from 3 or 5 cc disposable plastic syringes were tested on two post-laryngectomy patients with stomal stenosis and a tracheotomized patient with bilateral vocal cord paralysis.
Results: The tracheostoma buttons were inexpensive and relatively easy to fabricate. They were easily inserted and well tolerated by all three patients, compared to previously-used commercially available tracheotomy tubes.
Conclusion: In a developing country setting, improvised tracheostoma buttons made from disposable plastic syringes may be viable alternatives to commercially-available stoma buttons or tracheotomy tubes. Clinical trials on more subjects should be conducted to assess parameters for use and long-term efficacy and safety issues.