HomePhilippine Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgeryvol. 25 no. 2 (2010)

Typical Laryngeal Carcinoid Recurrence and its Management by Conservative Surgery

Syed Majid Hussain | Rauf Ahmad



Objectives: Recurrence of a typical laryngeal carcinoid is extremely rare after surgery with tumor-free margins on histopathology. We present a rare case of typical laryngeal carcinoid that recurred after eight years and was managed by conservative surgery.
Design: Case Report
Setting: Tertiary Government Hospital
Patient: One
Results: A known case of typical laryngeal carcinoid treated eight years back reported again with the same symptoms he previously had. On evaluation local tumor recurrence was identified with a negative metastatic workup. The patient was subjected to microlaryngeal excision which was adequate histopathologically. He has had no evidence of disease on follow up of two years.

Conclusion: A typical laryngeal carcinoid tumor may present differently and recur locally but conservative surgery is still an option if local nodal and distant metastatic spread is ruled out.