HomePhilippine Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgeryvol. 29 no. 2 (2014)

A Vocal Cord Polyp in a Pediatric Patient

Ma. Joan Nemis Nalangan



Objective: To present a case of vocal cord polyp in a pediatric patient and discuss its differential diagnosis, assessment and management.
Design: Case Report
Setting: Tertiary Public Hospital
Patient: One
Results: A seven-year-old girl presented with hoarseness and a benign, unilateral mass seen at the junction of the anterior and middle third of the vocal cord. The hoarseness resolved after excision and histopathology confirmed an inflammatory vocal cord pseudo polyp.
Conclusion: Vocal cord polyps occur infrequently in children and adolescents. These cases are seldomly seen and reported and may arise from chronic abuse of the larynx, vocal cord trauma or phonotrauma. Hoarseness is the most common presenting symptom. Differential diagnoses include recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, laryngeal cyst and laryngeal nodule. The management of vocal cord polyps involves surgical removal followed by speech therapy.