HomeLuz y Sabervol. 9 no. 1&2 (2015)

Issues, concerns and prospects: teacher training institutions’ views on K-12

Camilla DJ Vizconde



In the event of the K-12 curriculum implementation in the Philippines, the challenges to tertiary education, specifically teacher education, have been raised. This study explored the views of three deans of premier teacher training institutions concerning the impact of the K-12 curriculum to their respective programs. Having been in office for some years, these administrators provided rich data regarding their views on how their respective institutions address the changes with a mixture of excitement and trepidation in the light of the still unexplored developments. Emerging concerns were
identified: 1) displacement of teachers in the tertiary level; 2) lack of information concerning the guidelines for implementation; 3) lack of university students for two years; and 4) the insufficient resources for the implementation. Despite these concerns, however, administrators find sufficient reasons to look forward to a teacher education program that meets these challenges.