HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 25 no. 2 (2016)

Affective Responses in the Purchase of Consumer Eco Products

Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez | Rosemary R. Seva



This study aims to investigate the affective attachment of consumers to ecological products.  It also aims to determine the type of emotions elicited by these kinds of consumer products.  It was hypothesized that buying eco products can elicit different kinds of emotions in consumers.  These emotions are usually positive that cause attraction to consumers and eventually the actual purchase of the product.  An exploratory pre-purchase affect survey was conducted through field and online survey to determine what shoppers feel while looking for eco products to buy.  Results revealed that participants significantly experience more positive feelings/emotions than negative feelings/ emotions when buying eco-products while participants are indifferent in experiencing positive and negative feelings/emotions when buying non-eco products.  This study provided information on the importance of incorporating ecological attributes to the design of consumer products.  As of now, not all companies offer eco-friendly products because it is not known if consumers are willing to pay more for the “environment friendly” attribute.  This study hopes to shift the paradigm of companies as it will try to establish the emotional attachment of consumers to product attributes related to the environment.