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Under the Gun: A Documentary Film on the Lives of Families of Filipino Journalists’ in Quezon Province who Died in the Line of Duty*

Dyanara S. Corachea



This study is about the lives of the families of Filipino journalists in Quezon Province who died in the line of duty, featuring the life of the family of Bert “Fausto” Sison. This study aimed to illustrate the lives of the families of Bert Sison as well as the families of the other victims of media killings in the province, their life before and after the incident of killing of their relative happened. This also sought to determine if aspects of their life were affected by the incident. This study is descriptive and purely qualitative. Upon the conduct of the study, the researcher found out that the families of these victims are greatly affected in different aspects including their economical, psychological, social, and security aspect. Their lives changed together with the sudden loss of their relative. Also, traumatic experience marks their life. The researcher concluded that media killings or the incident of killing of their relatives affect the family most especially the spouse, children and even siblings.