HomeANTORCHAvol. 1 no. 2 (2014)


Gwendie M. Maghinay | Levijane A. Pagaran | Marie Christine R. Rio



The study aimed to determine the self-identity of Filipina breadwinners and the role that the breadwinner position plays in the participants’ identity formation. Twelve Filipina breadwinners, the sole source of their family income, were the participants of the research. The Lovingness, Appreciativeness and Faithfulness (LAF) model of selfidentity of the Filipina breadwinner was fashioned based on the findings from the interviews. The study found that single breadwinners are appreciative of the support that their family gave to them when they were younger, thus they want to repay their family by being the breadwinner. Moreover, married breadwinners showed their loving attribute towards their family by being breadwinners. Furthermore, single moms remained faithful to their self-identity in spite of the many problems and complications in their breadwinner role.