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Correlation between Adversity Quotient and Job Performance of LGU Employees of Tayabas City: Input to Effective Public Personnel Management

Michael Vincent V. Ablaña | Danica J. Isidro | Gino A. Cabrera



This study was conducted to determine the relationship of Adversity Quotient® and job performance of the City government employees in Tayabas. Specifically, the study sought to determine the following: the demographic profile of the employees, the Adversity Quotient®; the relationship between demographic profile and AQ®; and the relationship between AQ® and job performance. The researchers utilized a descriptive-correlation design which made use of two sets of questionnaire: the first is that which determined the demographic profile of respondents; and the second is the online AQ Profile® from PEAK Learning. Data on job performance was based on the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS). Findings showed that adversity quotient® does not dictate how an employee performs at work and does not impact job performance.