Joseph S. Masangkay



College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna 4031, Philippines

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Aspergillosis in a Melon-Headed Whale (Peponocephala electra)

Torno, Christopher S. | Buccat, Mariel C. | Masangkay, Joseph S.

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Fecal Shedding, Organ Distribution and Observed Pathological Changes Over a 150-hour Period in BALB/c Mice Orally-infected with Locally Isolated Salmonella Species

Gordoncillo, Mary Joy N. | Baldrias, Loinda R. | Masangkay, Joseph S. | Caraballe, Marla F. | Ramirez, Teresita J.

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Gastric Helicobacter Species in Philippine Dogs

Masangkay, Joseph S. | Camer, Gerry A. | Park, Heejin | Roque, Ryan B.

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Development of an Antigen Microarray for the Detection of Antibodies Against Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex-Related Pathogens

Masangkay, Joseph S. | Masangkay, Jordan I. | Cho, Ho-seong

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Concomitant Myocardial Injury and Brain Lesions in Three Dogs

Masangkay, Joseph S. | Cho, Ho-seong | Kim, Jun-hwan | Park, Jin-ho | Cho, Sang-buem | Park, Chul

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Pulmonary Edema Secondary to Acute Pancreatitis in a Dog

Masangkay, Joseph S. | Cho, Ho-seong | Park, Chul | Kim, Yun-hye

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Guard Hair Morphology of the Greater Musky Fruit Bat (Ptenochirus jagori Peters, 1861) (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) and the Lesser Dog-faced Fruit Bat (Cynopterus brachyotis Muller, 1838) (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae)

Maala, Ceferino P. | Santiago-flores, Marianne Leila A. | Masangkay, Joseph S. | Abuton, Johanna Benissa C. | Murphy, Michael E.

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Streptococcal Meningitis and Arthritis in a Philippine Pig(Sus scrofa domestica)

Masangkay, Joseph S. | Camer, Gerry A.

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Hematological, Macroscopic and Microscopic Findings in Two Stranded Whales (Mesoplodon densirostris and Kogia sima) and Possible Causes of Deaths

Masangkay, Joseph S. | Bondoc, Jonah L. | Aragones, Lemnuel V.