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Optimizing chlorophyll meter threshold values for different seasons and varieties in irrigated lowland rice systems of the Cauvery Delta zone, Tamil Nadu, India

Ramanathan, S. P. | Babu, M. | Nagarajan, R. | Balasubramanian, V.

Discipline: Agriculture

On-farm evaluation of chlorophyll meter-based N management in irrigated transplanted rice in the Cauvery Delta, Tamil Nadu, India

Subramanian, M | Babu, M. | Nagarajan, R. | Balasubramanian, V. | Mohandass, S. | Susheela, C. | Muthukrishnan, P.

Discipline: Agriculture

Varietal response to different nitrogen management methods in an irrigated transplanted rice ecosystem in a Vertisol, Andhra Pradesh, India

Kumar, R. M. | Balasubramanian, V. | Padmaja, K. | Subbaiah, S.v.

Discipline: Agriculture

Assessment of chlorophyll meter-based N application at critical growth stages of irrigated transplanted rice

Ramanathan, S. P. | Nagarajan, R. | Balasubramanian, V.

Discipline: Agriculture

Chlorophyll meter threshold values for N management in wet direct-seeded irrigated rice

Balasubramanian, V. | Morales, A. C. | Cruz, R. T.

Discipline: Agriculture

Determining the Leaf Color Chart Threshold Value for Nitrogen Management in Rainfed Rice

Balasubramanian, V. | Subbaiah, S.v. | Ganajaxi, * | Angadi, V.v. | Rajakumara, S. | Basavaraj, B. | Hugar, A. Y.

Discipline: Agriculture

Chlorophyll Meter-Based N Management for Rice Grown in Soils Amended with Organic Manure

Singh, Bijay | Singh, Yadvinder | Khind, C. S. | Balasubramanian, V. | Ladha, J. K. | Sodhi, G. S. | Gupta, R. K.

Discipline: Agriculture

Participatory irrigation management for efficient water use and enhanced rice productivity in Tamil Nadu, India

Rajendran, R. | Balasubramanian, V. | Chandrasekaran, B. | Nandhagopal, A. | Palanisami, K. | Sivakumar, S.d.

Discipline: Agriculture

Nursery technology for early production of robust rice seedlings to transplant under integrated crop management

Rajendran, R. | Ramanathan, S. P. | Balasubramanian, V. | Ravi, V. | Jayaraj, T. | Valliapan, K.

Discipline: Agriculture