Article List (w/ Entrepreneurship Discipline)

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Clarifying the Link Between Social Capital and MSME Innovation Performance: The Role of Absorptive Capacity

Roxas, Banjo

Discipline: Social Science, Entrepreneurship

Humanistic Entrepreneurship: An Approach to Virtue-based Enterprise

Teehankee, Benito L.

Discipline: Social Science, Entrepreneurship

An Analysis of the Spatial Representation of UPLB B.S. Agribusiness Students and Alternative B.S. Agribusiness Program Designs along a Set of Entrepreneurial Competency Dimensions

Divinagracia, Louie A.

Discipline: Business, Entrepreneurship

The Business Philosophy, Management Style, and Growth Strategies of Henry Sy, Sr.: A Case Study

Echauz, Lydia B.

Discipline: Business, Entrepreneurship

Perception of Vendors and Consumers about Sin Tax Law

Sagarino, Emma V. | Amada, Shaun Kristopher D. | Arboleda, Claudette C. | Cedeno, Resheny C. | Costan, Christine M. | Roque, Maricor A.

Discipline: Entrepreneurship, Business Law

The Industry of Organic Farming in the Philippines: The Case of Organizational Capacity Assessment of Organic Farmers Associations in La Trinidad, Benguet

Salipsip, Demetrio P. | Lucero, Jacqueline | Rodrigueza, Edgardo | Salbino, Hener M.

Discipline: Entrepreneurship, Sustainability

Facets of Community Power in Two Philippine Localities

dela Cruz, Jet Paul | Jimenez, Jaime

Discipline: Business, Entrepreneurship

Effect of Water Crisis on Agriculture, Industry, and Households: Perspectives from the Sustainability Summit 2018

Salipsip, Demetrio P. | Lucero, Jacqueline | Maceda, Edmond P.

Discipline: Business, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability

Online User Behavior in Utilizing their Personal Data: A Perspective from the Data Privacy Summit 2018

Salipsip, Demetrio P. | King, Lydia | Formoso, Dittas | Yap, Jonathan Ritchie | Resurrection, Stephen

Discipline: Information Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship