Article List (w/ Fisheries Discipline)

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Detection of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) Toxins in Philippine Mussel Samples by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry

Floresca, Ma. Christina Grace Z. | Abad, Barbara Michelle | Amora, Tabitha | Lim, Mary Angelica | Marquez, John Paulo

Discipline: Chemistry, Fisheries

Checklist of Fishes Found in the Fresh and Brackish Waters of Negros and Siquijor, Philippines

Bucol, Abner A. | Carumbana, Esther E.

Discipline: Zoology, Fisheries

Fish Diversity, Ecological Status, and Conservation Measures of the Coastal Waters in Tubay, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Alima, Mark Anthony P.

Discipline: Fisheries, Ecology

Freshwater Fishes of Tikub Lake, Tiaong, Quezon, Philippines

Briones, Nicomedes D. | Labatos Jr., Bonifacio D.

Discipline: Fisheries

Toxicological Effects of Water Contaminated with Cadmium, Lead and Mercury from Guiguinto River on Tilapia nilotica

Jusayan, Peirce M.

Discipline: Biochemistry, Fisheries

Silver Pompano as a Mariculture Project of JBLFMU-Molo and Views towards Sustainable Environment on Global Warming Mitigation

Alimen, Rolando A. | Pador, Ralph L. | Ortizo, Cicero D. | Aspiracion, John G.

Discipline: Fisheries

Fishing Practices of the Community Folks and Sea Productivity in San Jose, Antique, Philippines

Alimen, Rolando A. | Alimen, Ma. Cecilia D. | Ortizo, Cicero D. | Baynosa, Ronald S. | Corpes, Vicente O.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Fisheries

High Volume Low Density Culture of Milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) in Floating Net Cages at North Bais Bay Manjuyod-side, Negros oriental

Manzano, Roger Ray S. | Uy, Peter L. | Ganancial Jr., Renato H.

Discipline: Fisheries, Science

Macrobenthic Composition of Sea Water Associated with Seagrass in East and West Portions of the Igang Bay, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Magramo, Melchor M. | Flores, June Raymund Peter V. | De La Cruz, Mary Jean L. | Madas, Christy

Discipline: Zoology, Geology, Fisheries

Vertical Movements, Behavior and Habitat Utilization of Adult Yellow-fin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) Tagged in West Philippine Sea, Mindoro Island, Philippines

Macusi, Edison D. | Babaran, Ricardo P. | Ingles, Jose T.

Discipline: Fisheries, Ecology, Environmental Conservation