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Gross and Microscopic Characterization of Guard Hairs from Some Body Regions of the Philippine Brown Deer (Cervus marianus Fraser) and Visayan Spotted Deer (Cervus alfredi Sclater)

Ceferino P. Maala | Marianne Leila A. Santiago-flores | Carlo dA Lagapa

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

New Species and New Records of Trematode Parasites of Philippine Wild Birds

Salcedo L. Eduardo | Carmelito B. Gaddi

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Effects of Onion (Allium cepa L.) on the Reproduction of Female Sprague-Dawley Rats and the Performance of its Offspring

Louren B. Trongued | Rea Victoria P. Anunciado

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Sensory Characteristics of Salted Eggs Cured in Different Types of Curing Media at Different Storage Periods

Clarita T. Dagaas | Virginia P. Obsioma | Rosenia B. Niebres

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Bodyweight Estimation in Adult Philippine Domestic Cat (Felis catus Linnaeus) Using External Body Measurements

Conrado A. Valdez | Frances C. Recuenco

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Effect of Intramuscular Injection of Long-Acting Penicillin on the Reproductive Performance of Postpartum Dairy Cows

Antonio A. Rayos | Conrado A. Valdez | Barry V. Alvarez | Demetrio B. Marcial Jr.

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Hatchability of Eggs and Survivability of Larvae of Haemonchus contortus

Isaiah O. Ademola | Janet A. Ademola | Folorunso O. Ogundare

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Reduction of the Number of Suspected Trombiculid Mite Lesions by Cypermethrin in Game Cocks

Julius C. Pronuevo | Waren N. Baticados | Mae Grace Doreen A. Celiz | Virgilio C. Esguerra | Brenda E. Dalisay

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

A Clinico-Pathological Case Suggestive of Classical Marek's Disease in a Mature Gamefowl (Gallus gallus domesticus)

Chester D. Solis

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine