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Ovarian Changes from Days 20 to 90 of Gestation Observed Through Ultrasonography in Locally Raised Holstein -Sahiwal Dairy Cows

Michael S. De Ramos | Eduardo B. Torres | Antonio A. Rayos | Jezie A. Acorda, Dvm, Magr, Phd | Conrado A. Valdez

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Flukes of the Family Microscaphidiidae Looss, 1900 (Trematoda: Digenea) from the Green Sea Turtle, Chelonia mydas L. (Reptilia: Chelonia) in the Philippines with Description of Three New Species

Salcedo L. Eduardo | Jose L. Diaz

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Genotypic Characterization of Blastocystis Isolates in the Philippines

Michael Alfred V. Tan | Windell L. Rivera

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Duck Egg Production in the Philippines: Results from a Farm Survey

Hui-shung (christie) Chang | Rene Villano | Ma. Lourdes Velasco | Nenita L. De Castro | Angel L. Lambio

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Motility, Livability and Fertility of Cock Spermatozoa as Influenced by Day of Collection, Dilution and Cryopreservation

Synan S. Baguio | Severino S. Capitan

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Effect of Long-Term Daily Intake of Aspirin on the Morphology of the Kidney of Goat (Capra hircus) Estrus-Synchronized with Prostaglandin F2a

Grace D. De Ocampo | Dr. Irene Consuelo R. Lcruz | Bella C. Cruzana | Yv Agung Riono

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Effects of Waterborne Exposure to 0.5 and 2 ppm Coconut Fatty Alcohol Sulfate on Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Reproduction

Michelle Grace V. Paraso, Dvm, Ms, Phd | Jazzie P. Ramos | Gian Francis S. Collado | Nieva T. Librojo-basilio

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Parasites Recovered From a Downer White-Collared Kingfisher, Halcyon chloris collaris (Scopoli, 1786) Caves: Alcedinidae) From Danjugan Island, Off Negros, Philippines

Salcedo L. Eduardo | Emilia A. Lastica

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine