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The Anatomy of the Glands of the Eyelids of the Philippine Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis L.)

Ceferino P. Maala | Grace D. De Ocampo | Aniway A. Veridiano

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Seroprevalence of Neospora caninum Antibodies in Selected Dairy Cattle Herds from Laguna and Quezon Provinces, Philippines

Ariel M. Bombio | Billy P. Divina

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Antimicrobial Resistance Profile of Local Campylobacter jejuni Recovered From Ceca of Dressed Chickens of Commercial and Backyard Raisers in Laguna, Philippines

Loinda R. Baldrias | Asuncion K. Raymundo

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Haemoproteus lanii de Mello, 1937(Apicomplexa: Haemoproteidae) from the Long-tailed Shrike and Two Species of Chewing Lice (Mallophaga) from the Philippine Cockatoo (Aves: Laniidae; Cacatuidae)

Salcedo L. Eduardo | Samuel F. Lucas

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Effect of Total Submandibular Sialoadenectomy on the Preputial and Bulbourethral Glands of Sexually Mature Rats

Maria Catalina T. De Luna, Dvm, Magrsc | Jennifer L. Lucero | Apryl Lynn E. Austria | Grace D. De Ocampo | Maria Amelita C. Estacio

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

The Relationship of Body Weight to Certain External Body Measurements in Adult Fighting Cocks

Sheila G. Grona | Francis Andrew Eugene M. Bernardo | Conrado A. Valdez

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Uterine Prolapse in a Mare Following Normal Delivery: Clinical Case Management

Eduardo B. Torres | Karlo Romano B. Gicana, Dvm, Ms | Jovencio Hubert A. Abalos, Dvm. Ms.

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine

Birth Weights of Holstein-Friesian and its Fractional Crosses with Sahiwal

Alvin William A. Alvarez | Jose Arceo N. Bautista | Conrado A. Valdez

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine