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Pest Science and Management

Preliminary evaluation of potential pathogenic fungi as bioherbicides of barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) in China

S.w. Huang | A.k. Watson | G.f. Duan | L.q. Yu

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture

Response of two rice cultivars to competition from Echinochloa crus-galli

S. Pheng | G. C. Jahn | B. Khiev | C. Pol

Discipline: Agriculture

Comparing the performance of three host-related populations of Nilaparvata lugens (Stål) on holidic diets with various amino acid compositions

Qiang Fu | Zhitao Zhang | Cui Hu

Discipline: Agriculture

Effects of genotypes and insecticide application on tungro disease incidence and grain yield of rice

P. Nagaraju | N. Dronavalli | D.p. Biradar

Discipline: Agriculture

Bionomics of vectors and dynamics of rice yellow mottle virus in Tanzania

O.o. D. Banwo | R.h. Makundi | R.s. Abdallah | J.c. Mbapila

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture

Mortality of first- and second-instar larvae of yellow stem borer in four indica cultivars at the vegetative stage

E. Rubia-sanchez | J. Catindig | K L. Heong

Discipline: Agriculture

Effects of the ladybird beetle Micraspis discolor on yield components and grain yield of rice

N. Afsana | Z. Islam

Discipline: Agriculture

Effects of rice hispa damage on grain yield

S.s. Haque | Z. Islam

Discipline: Agriculture

Diurnal distribution of the money spider Atypena formosana in the rice plant and its relation to tiller density

L. Sigsgaard | S. Villareal

Discipline: Zoology, Agriculture

A randomization test and software to compare ecological communities

W.j. Zhang | K.g. Schoenly

Discipline: Ecology, Agriculture

Newspaper: a new attractant for golden apple snail management

M. S. De La Cruz | R. C. Joshi

Discipline: Zoology, Agriculture

Crop Management and Physiology

Adapting a photoperiod-sensitive routine to the INTERCOM model for use in West Africa

F. J. Abamu | M. P. Jones | M.c.s. Wopereis

Discipline: Agriculture

Virtual rice: simulating the development of plant architecture

Takayuki Watanabe | P.m. Room | J.s. Hanan

Discipline: Agriculture

Source-sink characteristics of japonica/indica hybrid rice

J. Yang | S. Peng | Q. Zhu

Discipline: Agriculture

Response of irrigated rice to the application of poultry manure and inorganic fertilizers N, P, and K in Karnataka, India

A.s. Channabasavanna | D.p. Biradar

Discipline: Agriculture

Adenine, adenosine monophosphate, and cytokinin: nutrients for rice seedling growth in the summer crop season

M.c. Hsieh | M.s. Tung

Discipline: Chemistry, Agriculture

Stale seedbed—an alternate technology for preplanting to achieve total weed control in direct-seeded lowland rice

P.s. John | R. Mathew

Discipline: Agriculture

Effect of intercropping grain legume and green manure for multiple use on rice

R. Kalpana | S. P. Palaniappan | S. Mythili

Discipline: Agriculture

Comparative growth performance of rice and the weed Echinochloa oryzicola in lowland and upland conditions

N. Trillana | R. Chaudhary | T. Inamura | T. Horie

Discipline: Agriculture

Influence of seedling age and number of seedlings on yield attributes and yield of hybrid rice in the wet season

M.a.h. Molla

Discipline: Agriculture

Evaluation of stand establishment techniques in lowland irrigated rice

M.n. Budhar | N. Tamilselvan

Discipline: Agriculture

Response of rice genotypes to dissolved oxygen during seedling establishment under lowland conditions

J.k. Biswas | H. Ando | K.i. Kakuda