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Pest Science and Management

Long-term effects of fertilizers and herbicides on a nematode population under a rice-wheat-cowpea system

A K. Singh | Nand Ram

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management, Pest Science

A method for transforming rice stinkbug counts in rice

Mu Mu Thein | V.s Singh | S. Chander | N. Kalra

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management, Pest Science

Weed control in direct, dry-seeded rice in India: comparison of seedbed preparation and use of pendimethalin

K. K. Sharma | D.k. Ganagwar | O.k. Tomar

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management, Pest Science

A Web-based software for randomization tests of cluster analysis of invertebrate biodiversity in a rice ecosystem

Wenjun Zhang | Runjie Zhang | Dexiang Gu

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management, Pest Science

Detection of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. Oryzae by NCM-ELISA in naturally infected rice plants

Y. Suryadi | T.s. Kadir

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management, Pest Science

Detrimental effects of niclosamide 250EC at preseeding in direct-seeded rice culture

R. C. Joshi | M.s. Desamito | A. R. Martin | L. S. Sebastian | J.b. Coupland

Discipline: Agriculture

Predatory behavior of mirid bug, Cyrtorhinus lividipennis, on rice plants with different nitrogen regimes

Z.x. Lu | X.p. Yu | Cui Hu

Discipline: Agriculture

Neural network approximation of sampling yield-effort curves of rice invertebrates

Wenjun Zhang | Yanhong Qi | A.t. Barrion

Discipline: Ecology, Agriculture, Bio-Diversity

Between-habitat movement of rice arthropods and its ecological role

Wenjun Zhang | Yanhong Qi

Discipline: Agriculture

A generator of a web map of biological interactions for rice invertebrates

W.j. Zhang | H.x. Wu | Y.h. Qi

Discipline: Agriculture

Pathogenic variability of rice blast isolates in Nepal

B. Chaudhary | S.m. Shrestha | H.c. Sharma

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture

Brown planthopper injury vs mechanica injury to the r ce p ant

E. Rubia-sanchez | Takayuki Watanabe | Y. Suzuki

Discipline: Agriculture

Ecology of jungle rice (Echinoch/oa co/onum), a weed of the rice agroecosystem: a case study in Bilaspur (Chhattishgarh)


Discipline: Agriculture