vol. 1, no. 1 (2011)
PAMISULU: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theology and Philosophy


Pamisulu comes from the Kapampangan word sulu meaning “light” (in the sense of a “bonfire” or a “torch”) and the prefix “pami-” which means “sharing” or “being together.” The word “pamisulu” suggests the dual meaning of sharing around the light of fire and sharing the very fire itself. The journal Pamisulu seeks to be an avenue for a communion of ideas in theology and philosophy. It seeks to embody the mutual interaction of a “searching faith” and an “open reason.” 

Pamisulu is a refereed, print, and open access journal published bi-annually by the Graduate School of Theology and the Faculty of Philosophy of the Mother of Good Counsel Seminary, San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines.

Publisher: Mother of Good Counsel Seminary

Potential Citation/s: 37

Category: Literature | Philosophy | Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary |

ISSN 2243-8718 (Print)

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