vol. 3, no. 1 (2003)


Engineering, in these times, is markedly multidisciplinary. It vibrates and pulsates in a continuum. These ideas are symbolized by the boxed logos of the six departments of the College of Engineering (DLSU -Manila), in the order from top to bottom: Industrial, Manufacturing and Management, Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics and Communications, and Civil, linked to each other by white lines; and by the stylized gears in synchronized motion, with the central gear shown enclosing the globe. INHENYERIYA carries the color of the College of Engineering (orange) and that of De La Salle University (green and white).

Note: This journal has ceased publication.

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A Competency – Based Internship Training for Selected PHILSCA Students Maria Christine D. Mendoza ABSTRACT Internships are used to help students gain first-hand exposures of working in the real world. The purpose of this study was to assess the competency – based internship training program of the Avionics interns at PAF 443rd Field Maintenance Squadron, Fernando Air Base. The training program is regularly offered to students every semestral vacation of the Academic Year. The survey in the study was based on a 4 - Point Likert Scale to measure the level of agreement on (1) competencies and (2) the duties of the interns on the training program. The study was limited to a total of 70 participants – 40 BSAET students and 30 Avionics Personnel. The results revealed that there was a significant difference on the assessment of the participants on the Competencies of Avionics Interns in terms of skills, knowledge, attitudes and working styles when grouped according to people. It also revealed that there was no significant difference on the evaluation of the participants in terms of the communication section, the electrical section and the instrument section when grouped according to people. Based on the findings and conclusions, a guideline on the training program was proposed based on the uniformity of training program facilitated by higher education institutions with external linkages.