HomeCognoscere: SPUQC Student Research Journalvol. 10 no. 2 (2015)

Feasibility Study for Spix Seasoning

Dana Loren M. Ambos | Stefanie B. Martin | Christine Mary M. Peditin

Discipline: Marketing



This study determined the feasibility of blended herbs and spices as quick seasonings and marinade ingredients for dry meat dishes. Citing the convenience, health and quality of the product, almost all of the respondents have responded positively to the concept. The results of the survey indicated that there is a market for the product. In addition, projected sales and expenses were made. These indicated that the whole project is doable, because the projected income is enough to maintain the company. The results of the study showed that the concept of selling all-in-one herbs and spices is feasible both in the marketing and financial perspectives.