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Perceptions of the Third Year Marketing Management Students of Letran Calamba on Advertisements with Subliminal Message

Usana, Galileo O. | Bibal Jr., Francisco M. | Sumague, Kenneth Marco H.

Discipline: Marketing

The Insights of the Selected Fourth Year High School Students on the Marketing Communication Tools of Letran Calamba

Gibe, Anne Loraine G. | Llait, Angelie D. | Rivera, Hazel Ellaine T.

Discipline: Marketing

The Link between Promotional Tools and the Increased Enrolees of SBMA in Letran Calamba

Lago, Jossana Arcee V. | Estepa, Karen F. | Yaptinchay, Reesa Giselle M.

Discipline: Marketing

Effects of Offering Wi-Fi Services as a Promotional Strategy on Consumer Buying Behavior

Marfori, Limuel M. | Biglete, Robert | Almario, Christian

Discipline: Marketing

Ethics of Business Ads Directed at Children*

Mabaquiao Jr., Napoleon M.

Discipline: Psychology, Marketing, Mass Communication

The Development of Market Orientation Based on Organizational Perspective for Creating Business Performance of Banking Industries in Indonesia.

Suryani, Tatik

Discipline: Marketing

Why Ethics Should Matter in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Lorenzo-molo, Marina Caterina

Discipline: Marketing, Business

Marketing Principles for Filipino Independent Films

Castro, Joeven R. | Velasquez, Ingrid K. | Laraño, Arby Mari B. | Amihan, Jaymen | Garcia, Gerry

Discipline: Marketing, Filipino, Media

Marketing Practices for Selected Organically-Grown Vegetables in a Farming Community of Southern Luzon, Philippines

De Los Reyes, Julieta A.

Discipline: Marketing

 Facebook as an Effective Marketing Tool

Casquite, Noel C.

Discipline: Marketing, Business

Marketing Schemes and Scams: An Afterthought

Gatchalian, Maria Luisa B.

Discipline: Marketing, Business Management

Sales Impacts of Customer Retention: A Strategic Assessment on Potential Retention of College Students

Lindiawati, Lindiawati

Discipline: Marketing

Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting the Market Behavior of Coconut Farmers in Central Philippines

Yap, Ernesto Go

Discipline: Marketing

This study analyzed the factors that have contributed to the increase in wage inequality among male workers in the Philippines. Using the Fields (2003) framework as a decomposition platform, the validity of the usual parametric specification of the wage-e

Aquino, Nimpha M.

Discipline: Economics, Marketing, Business, Finance

Cell phone Networks Subscriber: Uncovering the Stories of the Businesspeople

Sagarino, Emma V. | Caputan Jr., Bartolome F. | Gomia, Iza Mae M. | Panuncialman, Rogelyn L. | Rubio, Baby Jane R. | Sartagoda, Cristopher N.

Discipline: Marketing, Business Administration

Level of Knowledge and Consumer Response on Integrated Marketing Communication of Selected Fast Food Centers in Davao City

Sagarino, Emma V. | Allida, Kenneth Joseph A. | De Los Santos, Erma Marie G. | Mateus, Christian Harvey T. | Olivo, Melody Jobell A. | Pacana, Luis Anton H. | Soriano, Stephanie Anne D.

Discipline: Marketing

The Business Characteristics of Ukay-Ukay Enterprise in Davao City

Sagarino, Emma V. | Ancheta, Wynsjohn L. | Dagso, Amor Bregilda M. | Belleza, Marlyner N. | Faraon, Kenneth M. | Duque, Christian Kristopher A. | Lucas, Mae Stephanie Y. | Posadas, Marbie Ann B.

Discipline: Marketing, Business Administration

Consumers’ Awareness and Acceptability of Products Guaranteeing Instant Results: Downy Isang Banlaw (One Rinse) and Knorr Rice Mate

Sagarino, Emma V. | Limjuco, Renan P. | Asares, Romeo C. | Cortel, Jonna Mae T. | Disto, Phoebe Jane F. | Ta-a, Jerson D.

Discipline: Marketing, Business Administration

Market Environment of SMEs in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in Region 7, Central Visayas, Philippines

Sequiño, Agnes C.

Discipline: Marketing, Business Administration

Effectiveness of Using Practice Sets in Marketing 123

Garcia, Carolina D.

Discipline: Marketing

Factors Related to the Decision of High School Students to enroll in TIP:Towards and Enhanced Marketing Plan

Marquez, Praxedis S.

Discipline: Education, Marketing

Predictors of Enrolment in Marketing Management Program at TIP Manila: Inputs for its Promotion

Garcia, Carolina D.

Discipline: Education, Social Science, Marketing

Online Database System Tool for Promoting, Marketing and Attracting Prospective and Current Students of TIP Manila

Marquez, Praxedis S. | Tiglao, Raychelou C. | Bautista, Roberto V.

Discipline: Education, Information Technology, Marketing, Computer Technology, Study and Teaching

Determinants of Sustainability of Students in TIP: Inputs to Marketing Program Development

Niguidula, Jasmin D. | Marquez, Praxedis S.

Discipline: Education, Marketing, Study and Teaching

Feasibility Study for Spix Seasoning

Ambos, Dana Loren M. | Martin, Stefanie B. | Peditin, Christine Mary M.

Discipline: Marketing