HomeCollege of Arts and Sciences Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2014)

Student Population Retention and Growth Factors of BSBA Programs from Selected Colleges in Metro Manila: Basis for Population Enhancement of AIMS-BSBA Department

Brenda L. Basical | Ann Pauline A. Gener | Roselyn SJ Lichangco



Factors affecting the retention and growth of students in an institution lie mainly on major aspects that would entice students to enroll and remain in a particular institution. These aspects are tantamount to the effectiveness of an institution in complying the needed learning due to a student. With this understanding, the study aimed to focus on the student population retention and growth factors of BSBA Programs from selected colleges in Metro Manila and will be the basis for population enhancement of AIMS-BSBA Department. Specifically, the study outlined the following aspects as factors in the retention and growth of the respondent departments: 1) the complementing factors in the population growth of the respondent departments in terms of institutional support, educational standard, external compliance, and academic laboratory infrastructure, and 2) the efforts extended by the respondent departments in the retention of their students in terms of recruitment and admission, financial aid, student services, and academic services.