HomeFEU English and Literature Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2008)


Adam Zorilla

Discipline: Literature



The Great God Pan pinned down the nymph with his hairy bulk, his goat-feet kicking away the stones from the earth, his scaly-hands grasping the breasts of his captive who struggled to squeeze herself from her abductor who had spirited her away from her sylvan bower this mid-afternoon as she gamboled with her sisters in the sun, their frolic unknown to the woman fumbling in her black bag in vain for the brass butterfly pin, her protection against marauding males in a megacity where she worked in a mall, her fear she could not share with Korean bimbos at the canteen who had been giggling to the anecdotes of a handsome socialite but who had now retired to their quarters for the night except one who had jumped into the young lothario’s silver Porsche for a moonlit ride on the coastal road along Dive Camp 2 in Anilao.