vol. 2, no. 1 (2008)
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The English Literature Journal is the official publication of the Department of Language and Literature of Far Eastern University. It publishes annually a wide variety of scholarly and original articles by younger as well as established scholars. It is a forum for the dissemination of research in English language and literature, communication, media, and society.

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University: Knowledge Without Limits

Jaime An Lim

Discipline: Education, Education Administration

Teaching America: Lessons Taught and Learned

Jose Dalisay Jr.

Discipline: Education, Literature, Social Science, Education Administration

Unrau’s Model: Reading as a Meaning-Construction Process between and among the Reader, the Text, and the Teacher

Grace C. Reoperez

Discipline: Education, Literature, Social Science, Education Administration

How Teaching Reading Practices Addresses the Reading Comprehension Needs of Selected High School Freshmen– A Case Study

Gina M. Lontoc

Discipline: Education, Literature, Education Administration

Hedging and Boosting in College Research Articles

Maurie Liza M. Nivales

Discipline: Psychology, Social Science, Genetic Engineering

Error Analysis on Preposition Usage among Secondary Public and Private School Filipino Students

Selwyn Cruz

Discipline: Education, Social Science, Education Administration

A Survey of English Language Teaching Practices in Selected Public High Schools

Romulo P. Villanueva Jr.

Discipline: Education, Genetic Engineering, Education Administration

Establishing a Global Village through SEPP at Zhejiang Gongshang University

Wang Guo-an | Zhejiang Gongshang

Discipline: Education, Literature, Culture

Of Eggs and Sardines

Ariel R. Valeza

Discipline: Literature

“There Was a Long Pause in the Room and Now” and other Poems

Miel Kristian B. Ondevilla

Discipline: Literature

Crows Over Cornfield

Kristian Abe Dalao

Discipline: Literature


Adam Zorilla

Discipline: Literature

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