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Concretizing Values At Work: Exploring The Relation To Teaching Performance

Marilyn S. Cajeta



This study aimed to determine the teachers’ work values and their relationship to the teaching performance of nineteen (19) public elementary teachers of Villaverde Elementary School, Division of Iligan City, in School Year 2015-2016. Specifically, it seeks to provide data on: the profile of teacher- respondents in terms of age, marital status, length of experience, and designation; respondents’ teaching performance and work values; respondents’ work values as observed by pupils and parents; and the relationship between respondents’ teaching performance and their work values. The study employed a combination of qualitative and descriptive correlation methods of research. To facilitate the gathering of data, the Work Values Inventory of Dr. Vicentta M. Cervera, the Performance Rating at the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF), a self-made questionnaire, and a Focus Group Interview Question were used. To determine the results of the study, frequency counts, percentage, average weighted mean and ranks, and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficient were utilized. The findings reveal that the top five (5) work values of the teacher-respondents include honesty, achievement, respect, integrity, and helping. The data further revealed that majority of the teacher respondents have a Very Satisfactory (VS) rating. Pupil respondents revealed important observations of their teachers such as being presentable, punctual, patent, caring, honest, and helpful. Parents on the other hand noted important remarks of teachers like keeping good classroom management, an orderly classroom including outside area, and engaging parents actively. It was also revealed that the respondents work values were found to be significantly correlated to their teaching performance.