HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 18 no. 1 (2016)

Effectiveness of Online Methods and Social Media to Enhance Training and Workplace Learning in the United Arab Emirates

Suad Al Areef Al Haj | LIZA M. GERNAL | Adnan Jawabri | Aymanal Armoti



The effectiveness of social media and online sources as a collaborative and effective learning tool are explored to complement the training and development programs within the company. Social media and online learning tools help in peer to peer interaction which may provide better results in the long run. Employers are concerned that valuable work time is being consumed during the process. A large chunk of talent is not productively engaged at a given point of time which may result in a loss for the organization. Many companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft are following this pattern to enable the employees to become the captain of their ship. Online tools and social media help to provide training across geographical limits and reach up to large audiences. It can enhance the training experience with pictures, three-dimensional looks, pictures, videos, etc. which can catch the attention of the learner. The social media tools that can be used to create interactive, online, company-limited, virtual spaces, which is extremely collaborative and group operated thus increasing a sense of camaraderie among the peers. This creates a sense of interest among the users and helps to anchor them to the reality of the workplace and thus, increasing productivity and innovation.