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Filipino Men as Generative Fathers: Profiles of Commitment, Sacrifice, and Faith

Angelito Z. Antonio | Sean E. Brotherson

Discipline: Sociology



Fathering is forever. The form and content will evolve and transform overtime, but the heart of being a father, the deep emotional bond between a father and his child continues to exert its power well beyond our lifetime...Fathering is different from mothering. We come to our task from the outside, and captured in that configuration is the miracle we have to offer; for true fathering is not the physical act of planting a seed, it is the conscious decision to tend and nourish the seedling. Real fathering is not biological—it is the conscious choice to build an unconditional and unbreakable emotional connection to another human being. (Will Glennon, 1995, Fathering: Strengthening Connection With Your Children No Matter Where You Are, pp. 214-215) No Matter Where You Are, pp. 214-215)