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Division of Family Properties and Division of Families: Origins, Processes, Consequences and Resolutions

Sabado, Efren John P.

Discipline: Economics, Developmental Studies, Family and Relationships, Sociology

Balatay Lumena: Epiko ng mga Maguindanaon sa Balabak, Pikit, Cotabato

Dalandangan, Fairuz M.

Discipline: Education, Filipino, Sociology, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Thinking About Political Problems and Its Relationship to Political Attitudes: A Social Cognitive Approach

Sanchez, Raffy Jones | Porcil, Jim Rey | Davide, Sergen Corazon

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science, Sociology

Home-like Services in a Group Home and Their Influence on the Self-Esteem and Self-Concept of Adolescent Residents

Boloron, Jeneth A.

Discipline: Sociology

Work-Life and Organizational Commitment

Evangelista, Ella E.

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology

Sociological and Economic Dimensions of the Clients’ Choice of Health Care Services

Mahilum, Jofi Valdehueza

Discipline: Sociology

Contesting the Narrative of Victim hood

Camposano, Clement C.

Discipline: Economics, Sociology

Filipino Men as Generative Fathers: Profiles of Commitment, Sacrifice, and Faith

Antonio, Angelito Z. | Brotherson, Sean E.

Discipline: Sociology

Superior Man and the Bayan: Confucian Insights into the Filipino Identity

Ward, Thomas J.

Discipline: Sociology

“Woman’s Body Power” in Philippine Sex Melodramas

Abbas, Jamal Ashley

Discipline: Art, Sociology

Tear the Box: Deconstructing Sexualized Portrayals of Women in Idol Ko si Kap and Lagot Ka… Isusumbong Kita!

Castro, Joeven R.

Discipline: Mass Communication, Sociology

Wives’ Voices: The Social Construction of Wifehood among Selected Muslim and Christian Wives in Quiapo, Manila

Cagadas, Ruly | Figer, C

Discipline: Religion, Sociology, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Mariposa sa Likod ng Rehas: Coping Mechanisms of Homosexual Inmates

Castro, Joeven R. | Concepcion, Charisse A. | Imson, Katherine V. | Magdayao, Lovely Rose A. | Recto, Luis G. | Robles, Jorelle Frank D. | Tan, Rove

Discipline: Sociology, Sexuality, Gender Studies

The War and Postwar Experience of Selected Maranao Women in Lanao del Sur

Berowa, Alma E. | Acmad, Norania M.

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Sociology, Society

Exploring Communication Skills Requirements of Employers: Implications for English Curriculum Enhancement

Reyes, Maria Elena C.

Discipline: Education, Sociology

Strong Family Ties in Urban Setting

Limqueco, Nestor G. | Vertucio, Herbert | Viloria, Priscilla F.

Discipline: Sociology

Underdevelopment and Ethnic Conflict in the States of Northeast India

Guite, L.t. Sasang

Discipline: Sociology, Society

Bullying: Home and School Experiences of All-Boys Grade School Students

Velasquez, Ronald

Discipline: Psychology, Sociology

Team Influences on Organization Success on Three Main Aspects: Health and Safety Workplace, Talent Management and Organizational Culture

Macasukit–gernal, Liza | Al-amimi, Afra Saeed | Al Kaabi, Ohoud | Al-mutawa, Majid

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology

Attitude, Self-Efficacy and Students’ Academic Performance in Mathematics

Tudy, Randy A. | Alpacion, Neryl Joy D. | Camañan, Cristian T. | Gregorio, Arlyn Jane L. | Panlaan, Jun Mark R.

Discipline: Mathematics, Social Science, Sociology

Preparing State Universities and Colleges in Ilocos Sur for Amalgamation: A Technological Perspective on Promotion and Tenure

Lamarca, Bryan J.

Discipline: Education, Sociology

Mindscapes: Probing into the Paulinian Consciousness

Balaoing, Joseph Guiang

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology

Families: An Inevitable Institution in Present Day Vietnam

Thanh Binh, Nguyen

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Sociology

Global Predictors of People’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

Neri, Donna Lou E.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Environmental Science, Sociology

Conflict Management Styles and Personality Attributes of the Southeast Asian School Managers

Baliton, Fructuoso C.

Discipline: Education, Sociology

The Influence of Organizational Commitment to the Dysfunctional Audit Behavior with Workplace Spirituality as a Moderating Variable: An Empirical Study of Public Accounting Office in Indonesia

Kusumastuti, Ratih | Arum Janie, Dyah Nirmala

Discipline: Sociology, Business Management

Urban Violence and the Question of Self Defense from the Perspective of Thomas Aquinas: The Case of Nigeria

Ashipaoloye, Francis Kayode

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology

Students’ Perspectives of Bullying Behaviors Experienced in Nursing Education: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study

Tayaben, Jude L. | Natividad, Doris S. | Apilado, Rovencio E.

Discipline: Education, Nursing, Sociology

Supervisory Traits in Relation to Cross-Cultural Skills and Attitudes of Southeast Asian Educational Administrators

Baliton, Fructuoso C.

Discipline: Education Administration, Sociology

Management by Values of Industrial Technology Teachers: Gearing up in the Forefront of ASEAN Integration

Bernaldez, Sheila A.

Discipline: Education, Sociology

Proficiency of Personnel: Key to Effective and Efficient Procurement

Tayo, Razel P.

Discipline: Governance, Sociology

Determinants of Call Center Agents’ Performance: In Response to Business Processing Operations in the Philippines

Tria, Kathryn D.

Discipline: Sociology, Organizational Culture

Aging in an Evolutionary Perspective: The Verticality of the Cultural Inheritance System

Somera, Rene D.

Discipline: Sociology, Ethnography, Social Studies

The Internet as a Tool for Social Science Research and Education: The Case of the World-Wide Web

Teehankee, Benito L.

Discipline: Sociology, Media, Social Studies

Tin-Edyer: Bata Pa o Matanda Na?

Agbing, Lourdes U.

Discipline: Sociology, Society

Developing an Accountability Instrument

Linsao-ng, Jocelyn

Discipline: Sociology, Business Management

Social Dominance Orientation and Attitudes towards the Poor: Contrasting Lower and Higher Socioeconomic Groups in the Philippines

Bernardo, Allan B. I.

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

Employee Readiness for Change Through the Lens of the Cultural Self-Representation Theory

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Ilac, Emerald D. | Ellorenco, Sarah B.

Discipline: Sociology, Human Resources Management

Social Representations of Mining Conflict in Davao Oriental

Baquiano, Marshaley J. | Montiel, Cristina J.

Discipline: Sociology

Deconstructing Emotional Labor

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M.

Discipline: Sociology, Organizational Culture

Exploring the Role of Organizational Power Distance as a Moderator of Managerial Influence Tactics and Subordinates’ Degree of Commitment

Peñaranda, Gerald B.

Discipline: Sociology, Organizational Culture

Gender Differences in Scientific Productivity of Academic Scientists in the Philippines

Valencia, Marshall N.

Discipline: Sociology, Gender Studies

Stages of Collective Identification of a Freedom-Fighter: Narratives of Three Mujahedeen

Montiel, Cristina J. | Inzon, Charlie M.

Discipline: Sociology, Society

Revolutionary Text: Social Psychology of Cellphone Texting during People Power II

Estuar, Ma. Regina E. | Montiel, Cristina J.

Discipline: Psychology, Sociology

Satisfaction with Work Life Balance Programs and its Relationship with Work Related Outcomes

Pangan, Farida R. | Cementina, Raquel S. | Yabut, Katie Abigail C.

Discipline: Sociology, Organizational Culture

Conflict Management Style, Social Support, and Teamwork in a Call Center Environment

Grozman, Elizabeth Patricia M.

Discipline: Sociology, Organizational Culture

How Groups Learn: Implications for Collaborative Work in Science

Yeo, Jennifer | Tan, Seng-chee

Discipline: Education, Sociology, Learning

General Sociology: Focus on the Philippines

Calderon, Aurelio B.

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology

American Togetherness: Structured Diversity in a Midwestern Town

Calderon, Aurelio B.

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology, Cultural Studies

Locality-Based Science Education in Sociocultural Approach: ‘Scientific Exploration in Culture’ in the Context of Korea

Im, Sungmin | Pak, Sung-jae

Discipline: Education, Sociology

The Interaction between Junior-High Students’ Academic and Social Motivations and the Influences of the Motivational Factors on Science Performance

Yang, Fang-ying | Tseng, Ju-shi | Lin, Mei-hsing

Discipline: Education, Sociology

Gladiators in a Fragile Arena: A Study of Protest and Confinement in the Sugilanon

Wright, Ma. Teresa

Discipline: Literature, Sociology, Philippine Literature, Cultural Studies

Filipino English: An Analysis of F. Sionil José's Use of English in Waywaya

Keller, Claudia

Discipline: Literature, Sociology, Philippine Literature, Cultural Studies

The Critical Romance with the S/subjects of Philippine National-Popular Literature: Soledad S. Reyes with Her Modes

Bayot, David Jonathan

Discipline: Literature, Sociology, Philippine Literature, Cultural Studies

Nation, Self and Citizenship: An Invitation to Philippine Sociology

Gutierrez, Filomin C.

Discipline: Literature, History, Sociology, Philippine Literature

Authentic Motherhood: Traditional Yoruba-African Perspective

Balogun, Oladele A.

Discipline: Philosophy, Sociology

Isaiah Berlin’s Value Pluralism: Insights and Applications

Bombongan Jr., Dominador

Discipline: Philosophy, Sociology

The Filipino Youth: Their Views and values on Marriage and Family Life

Go, Stella P.

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Sociology

Pharmaceutical Behavior in the Management of Acute Respiratory Infections: Key Issues from the Social Science Perspective

Chiong-javier, Ma. Elena

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

Social Factors Associated with Abortion-Related Morbidity in Manila

Manlagnit, Alicia B. | Ford, Nicholas J.

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

Working for the "Yen": Case Studies of Returning Filipino OCWs from Japan

Rodriguez, Cristina A.

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

The Immunization Program in the Philippines: Issues for Social Research

Ramos-jimenez, Pilar

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology, Social Studies

Recent Advances in Causal Modeling: The Case of Latent Variable Path Analysis and Some Recommendations for Training in Social Science Statistical Analysis

Teehankee, Ben

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology

Reframing Suffering and Success through the El Shaddai Movement of the Philippines

Wiegele, Katharine L.

Discipline: Sociology

When Story Becomes Theory: Storytelling as Sociological Theorizing

Erasga, Dennis S.

Discipline: Literature, Social Science, Sociology

A Cut From Above: The Impact of Loyalty Program Status on Member’s Behavior

De Mesa, Fredelita Espiritu

Discipline: Psychology, Sociology

Music Genres and Identical Needs: The Master Plan of Capitalists

Aguila, Augusto Antonio A.

Discipline: Humanities, Sociology

The Socio-Language Perspectives on the Filipino Cultural System of the Ilocano Society

Bueno, Christopher F.

Discipline: Sociology

The Effects of Local Entertainment Industry in the Health, Emotional, and Sociocultural Lives of Women

Relon, Luzviminda P. | Raquepo, Leilani R.

Discipline: Sociology

The Public Policy Analysis on the Program Implementations of the Delivery of Basic Services in the Local Government Code of 1991 (Republic Act No. 7160) in the Province of Ilocos Sur

Bueno, Christopher F.

Discipline: Sociology

Rainforestation Project in the Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park: Socioeconomic Effects a Year Hence

Ponce, Sulpecia L. | Bracamonte, Nimfa L. | Roxas, Alita T.

Discipline: Economics, Environmental Science, Sociology, Socioeconomics

The Role of the Church in the Care of Street Children in Africa

Olubanke, Akintunde Dorcas

Discipline: Sociology

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: A Redefinition of Religious Values toward a New Social Order in Nigeria

Ayantayo, Jacob Kehinde

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Sociology

Religious Space in the Nigerian Public Sphere: Its Burdens and Prospects

Ayantayo, Jacob Kehinde

Discipline: Religion, Sociology, Politics

Ezigbo Mmadu: An Anthropological Investigation into the Concept of a Good Person in Igbo Worldview

Ukpokolo, Chinyere

Discipline: Philosophy, Sociology

A Critical Review of the Impact of Christianity on Calabar, a Nigerian City

Uchegbue, Christian O.

Discipline: Religion, Sociology, Christianity

Aristotle as an Idealist

Pajares, Glenn G.

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Sociology

Beliefs Systems and Practices of Secondary School English Teachers in Northern Isabela

Batang, Boyet L. | Duran-zipagan, Michelle

Discipline: Education, Sociology

Problems Encountered By Prostituted Women in Cagayan De Oro City

Herbas, Maureen May T. | Luardo, Kim T. | Ople, Henzel Joy S. | Paguilion, Leslei V. | Villanueva, Ingrid E. | Mercado, Ma. Dolores D.

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology

Ang Sermon Sa Putikang Daan

Arsenio, Socorro Hernandez

Discipline: Sociology

Wika at Katauhang Babae: Mula Mito Hanggang Panahong Moderno*

Mabanglo, Ruth Elynia S.

Discipline: Sociology, Philippine Literature, Philippine myths

Glosari ng mga Salitang Ginagamit Sa Introductory Sociology

Dasmariñas, Julius O.

Discipline: Languages, Sociology

Ugat-Ugnayan: Hermeneutika ng mga Piling Awiting-Bayan

Bragado, Erlinda

Discipline: Education, Social Science, Sociology

Ang Kaisipang Enriquez at Salazar sa Sikolohiya ng Pilipino

Sta. Maria, Madelene

Discipline: Sociology

Padalang Salapi ng mga OFW: Nagdadala ng Kabuhayan, Katatagan at Kaunlaran sa Ekonomiya

Tullao Jr., Tereso S.

Discipline: Economics, Social Science, Sociology

Leksikal na Rehistro sa mga Pelikulang Mano Po 1: My Family, Mano Po 2: My Home, Mano Po 3: My Love, at Mano Po 4: Ako Legal Wife

Tan, Vincent Lester G.

Discipline: Education, Filipino, Art, Sociology, Politics, Cultural Studies

Buhay-Ritwal: Ang Ritwal sa Kamalayan at Kulturang Pilipino

Salanga, Elyrah Loyola

Discipline: Sociology, Cultural Studies

Malasakit, Pakikipagkapwa, at Kalinisang Loob: Mga Pundasyon ng Kagandahang Loob

Resurreccion, Ron R.

Discipline: Education, Art, Sociology, Cultural Studies

Globalisasyon, Kultura, at Kamalayang Pilipino

Mabaquiao Jr., Napoleon M.

Discipline: Education, Filipino, Art, Sociology, Cultural Studies

Kaasalang Sekswal at Kaalaman sa HIV/AIDS ng mga Lalabintaunin

Javier Jr., Roberto E.

Discipline: Education, Filipino, Art, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Sex Education

Panulat at Politika sa/ng Pamamahayag Pangkampus: Ang Pagsisimula ng College Editors Guild of the Philippines (1931-1945)

Madula, Rowell D.

Discipline: Education, Filipino, Art, Sociology, Politics, Cultural Studies

Ang Mass Media at Paaralan: Anyong Infotainment sa HIV/AIDS Advocacy (Para sa mga Nagsisimula sa Paglalabintaunin)

Javier Jr., Roberto E.

Discipline: Education, Art, Sociology, Cultural Studies

Ang mga Naratibong Kinapapalooban ng Bata sa mga Print Ad

Torralba, John Enrico C.

Discipline: Education, Art, Sociology, Cultural Studies

Nang Manahan si Juan Tamad sa Mundo ng Sportswriting: Isang Sulyap sa Paggamit ng Wika sa Tabloid

Orellana, Joel L.

Discipline: Art, Sociology, Cultural Studies

Chipaparu at Pukitakte: Tulansangang Sekswal, Pangmadlang Midya at ang Industriya ng Kulturang Popular

Andrada, Michael Francis C.

Discipline: Education, Art, Sociology, Politics, Cultural Studies

Si Big Brother, Si Boy Bastos, at ang Pagsasalba ng Katawan sa Textong Popular Ayon Kay Antonio Pigafetta

Samar, Edgar Calabia

Discipline: Education, Art, Sociology, Politics, Cultural Studies

Ang Mundo ng Online Game: Realidad ng Adiksyon at Pagtatanghal ng Bagong Mundo at Kaakuhan

Nuncio, Rhoderick V.

Discipline: Education, Art, Sociology, Politics, Cultural Studies

Isang Sulyap sa Migrasyon ng Pilipinas at (E)Mail-Order Bride

Zamora, Armi Rosalia A.

Discipline: Art, Sociology, Cultural Studies

Ang Konsepto ng Bagong Bayani sa mga Naratibo ng Overseas Filipino Workers

Zarate, Ma. Jovita

Discipline: Education, Art, Sociology, Politics, Cultural Studies

Kundiman ni Abdon (Balde Jr.) (para kay Dr. Isagani R. Cruz)

Santos, Paz Verdades M.

Discipline: Sociology, Ageism, Kundiman Isang Pagsusuri ng Diskurso ng Usapang Bakla sa mga Chatroom

Madula, Rowell D.

Discipline: Psychology, Social Science, Technology, Sociology

Ilang mga Hamon sa Pamilyang Filipino sa Panahon ng Internet

Masakayan, Nicolo M.

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Sociology

Haraya ng Bata: Kapayapaan sa Paningin at Panulat ng Batang Filipino

Yu, Rosario Torres

Discipline: Literature, Social Science, Sociology

Phinotoshop at Pinacquiao na Larawan at Lipunan: Transnasyonalismo, Pastiche at si Manny Pacquiao Bilang Politiko-Kultural na Texto = Photoshopped and Pacquaioed Photos and Society: Transnationalism, Pastiche and Manny Pacquiao as Politico-Cultural Text

Andrada, Michael Francis C.

Discipline: Technology, Sociology

Si Carlos Bulosan, ang Amerika, at ang mga Babala ng ating Panahon = Carlos Bulosan, America, and the Signs of our Times

Dumlao, Emmanuel V.

Discipline: Literature, Sociology

Ang Kallipolis at ang ating Kasalukuyang Lipunan: Isang Pakikipagdiyalogo ng Kritikal na Pilosopiyang Filipino sa Ang Republika ni Platon = The Kallipolis and our Present Society: A Dialogue Between Critical Filipino Philosophy and The Repubic of Plato

Demeterio Iii, Feorillo P.

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Sociology, Politics

Tanggulan ng mga Mandirigmang Hinubaran: Isang Pag-aaral sa Kahalagahan ng Baluarte ng Bgy. Lumang Bayan, San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro = Fortress of Disarmed Warriors: A Study of the Importance of the Baluarte in Bgy. Lumang Bayan...

Reyes, Joan Tara R.

Discipline: Sociology, Geography

Historiko-Kultural na Pagsusuri sa Pagbabawal ng Insesto

Ubaldo, Lars Raymund C.

Discipline: Sociology

Pagpopook ng mga Perspektiba sa Aborsiyon sa Pilipinas Batay sa mga Diskursibong Teksto, 1864-1930 /Contextualizing Perspectives on Abortion in the Philippines Based on Discursive Texts, 1864-1930

Ubaldo, Lars Raymund C.

Discipline: Sociology

Tungo sa Isang Deleuzian na Pagbasa ng Pagsibol ng Post-Anarkismo sa Pilipinas/Towards A Deleuzian Reading of the Emergence of Post-Anarchism in the Philippines

Reyes, Raniel S M.

Discipline: Sociology

K-U-L-T-U-R-A: Ang Karanasan nina Nanay Marina at Gemma tungkol sa Problema ng Pagbaha sa Brgy. Aplaya, Sta. Rosa, Laguna / K-U-L-T-U-R-A: The Experience of Nanay Marina and Gemma on the Flooding Problem in Brgy. Aplaya, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Ardales, Alona Jumaquio

Discipline: Sociology

Breast Kanser, Seksuwalidad, at Pagbalikwas / Breast Cancer, Sexuality, and Dissent

Dacela, Mark Anthony L.

Discipline: Sociology

Societal Offenders in Prison: Global In-Country Analysis by Fractals

Borres, Mark S. | Barabat, Efren O. | Relatorres, Queen Heneylour S. | Yurong, Adelo S.

Discipline: Sociology

An Assessment of the Burnout Levels of Accountancy Students

Uy, Kristine June D. | Etulle, Helmae N. | Alenton, Jun Brian B. | Zanoria, Marjurie Lourince E.

Discipline: Psychology, Sociology

Ang Sitwasyon ng Manlilikha sa Panahon ng Pagbabagong Pambansa

San Juan Jr., E.

Discipline: Sociology

Strengths of Overseas Filipino Workers’ Families (Case Studies)

Palac, Cleofe C.

Discipline: Sociology

The Detrimental Effects and Fear of Armed Conflict in Trinidad: A Phenomenology

Cabello, Cyril | Aningalan, April Ross | Arculo, Juliet | Policher, Wince

Discipline: Sociology

Experiences of suicide ideation and attempts among Filipino students: Prevalence, reasons, and help-seeking behavior

Quintos, Mark Anthony M.

Discipline: Sociology

Perspectives of College Students on the Filipino Rescue Mission to the Jews

Casiño, Rey Marco Z.

Discipline: Sociology

Effects of Various Characteristics of Social Commerce on Filipino Consumer’s Trust and Trust Performance

Atento, Ramon George | Dioquino, Davies Christy | Leviste, Paul Adrian C.

Discipline: Sociology

Determinants of Graduating College Students Retention in Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna, Basis for Management Improvement

Ilagan, Veronica S. | Mindanao, Emmanuel U.

Discipline: Sociology

Brand Awareness of Selected Residents of Talisay Batangas to NDN Resort and Events Place: Basis for Continuous Improvement

Alusen, Ma. Leonora | Dizon, Rocky Q. | Natanauan, Mary Rose P. | Rempillo, Joanna Marie P.

Discipline: Sociology

Corporate Social Responsibility and Hyundai Company’s Success

Robles, Trisha Denice | Kagaoan, Ma. Anna Corina G. | Rioveros, Marie Bea Louise P. | Peñamora, Evangelyn G.

Discipline: Sociology

Correlates of Affectual, Associational, and Functional Solidarity among Digitally Literate Adults

Ochoa, Josefina C. | Parinas, Sherwin M. | Yalong, Bernadette P.

Discipline: Sociology

Hijab: A Symbol of Femininity and Power among Muslim Women in the Philippines

Cuadra, Joyy F.

Discipline: Sociology

A Phenomenological Inquiry on the Struggles and Aspirations of the First-Generation Female Graduates

Lanuza , Maryann H. | Alba, Simplicio | Gonzales, Ronald A. | Aligam, Neil P. | Barrion, Lielanie O.

Discipline: Sociology