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The Awareness of UIC Business Students Regarding the Splash Direct Sales in Davao City

Grand Harvie Rafael N. Garcia | Fredith Janine G. Antipala | James Giovann E. Dalog | Angel Bunch M. Franco | Joan Camille S. Mabini | Mary Grace E. Dasas | Lovely Jay C. Parilla | LeriVee M. Labite



Direct selling has already been practiced by different individuals for the past years. Direct selling serves as person-to person relationships. It generates the idea in which the seller will go directly to the end users. Companies like AVON, MSE, NATASHA, and SPLASH Direct Sales are example of direct selling. Many people are patronizing this kind of selling activities and even students are being registered as among the dealers of different direct selling companies. Consumer awareness is a term used to describe the awareness of a potential or current buyer about a particular product or company. Consumer awareness can be as simple as a shopper remembering a television commercial or as specific as a customer delving into the manufacturing origins of a specific product. Consumer awareness plays a key role in customer decision making. By increasing a potential or current customer’s knowledge about a product, service or business, a healthy economic environment is established in which customers are informed and protected. The study was conducted to determine the level of awareness of UIC business students regarding Splash Direct Sales in Davao City and its effect on the performance of the company. There are three different factors in the study which makes up the independent variables. When subjected in these different factors, the awareness of the UIC business students was the dependent variable. Descriptive research was used to describe characteristics of a population or phenomenon being studied. The participants of the study are 100 business students of University of Immaculate Conception in Davao City. Purposive sampling was used in determining the participants. The researchers-made questionnaire was used as the instrument of the study. Part 1 of our questionnaire is for the demographics of the respondents and Part 2 is a combination of a close-ended and open-ended questions. Frequency and Percent distribution was used as the data analysis tool in this study. For our results and discussions, on figures 4 to 9 shows that most of our respondents were aware and participated in terms of purchasing particular products through direct selling companies. But it also shows that there are only few respondents who were aware of Splash direct Sales wherein it was the focus of our study. Figures 10-13 refers to the promotional campaigns of splash and it shows that Majority of our respondents did not see or have not seen any advertisements of Splash Direct Sales regarding to their product and company. So in that point Splash direct sales strategy in promotional campaign is not enough to communicate with their potential customers. And for figures 14-17 refers to the effectiveness of the packaging of the Splash Direct Sales products and it shows that the packaging is not effective to attract many possible customers. Therefore, Splash Direct Sales is not that popular here in Davao City. This is due to its poor promotional campaigns such as TV advertisements, discounts, tarpaulins and others which may help Splash Direct Sales attract potential buyers or customers. We researchers recommend that Splash Direct Sales must improve their promotional campaigns through the use of media such as television advertisements, radio, and internet. We also recommend that they must offer more discounts on their product and improve their packaging, in order for them to attract potential buyers and may become loyal customers of their products.