HomeThe Ledgervol. 2 no. 1 (2014)

Customer Satisfaction on the Level of Logistics Companies in Davao City

Bella Bundan | Chenie Nice Dela Corte | Donnel Rey Fabro | Kenneth M. Faraon | Jessile Cristelyn Ibarra | Strady John P. Lee | John Paul Oroc | Alvin Lui | Rachel Sajolan | Jill Rica Trinidad



Numerous logistics companies are founded every year to cater the needs of their customers. Common purpose among these companies is to create convenience to customers regarding delivery of services. A research on this particular industry was conducted in order to know the satisfaction level of customers from five (5) widely known logistics companies in Davao City such as LBC, JRS, WWWE (DhL), FedEx and 2GO. The study primarily aimed to determine the following: which player is most preferred by the consumers; the socio-demographic profile of respondents in terms of sex; the number of outlets each logistics company is operating; the factor which has the most influence on their judgment towards the satisfaction level in terms of price, place, service, process and packing; and the problems encountered by the customers. This study employed a descriptive research design where one hundred respondents participated. The study revealed that most of the logistics companies’ customers experienced delays in deliveries.