HomeThe Ledgervol. 2 no. 1 (2014)

The Characteristics and Preference of Processed Meat Purchasers in Davao City

Ma. Corazon Ayudante | Ray Vincent Bragado | Yohan Cedric Enrile | Ryan Gallarde | Olga Paran | Joan Carole Sam | Mary Jane Amoguis | Gerald Sinconiegue



Processed meat products are sought after food which households usually eat every day. Tasty and affordable processed meat products are commonly preferred by the buyers. The study determined the characteristics and preference of processed meat purchasers and was conducted specifically in the local malls of Davao City namely Gaisano Mall, NCCC Mall, Gaisano South Ilustre, Victoria Plaza, and NCCC Uyanguren. A researcher-made questionnaire was purposively distributed to the respondent requiring them to answer based on their preference. Thirty questionnaires were allotted each mall and consent was obtained from the respondents before administering the survey. The study made use of frequency counts, percentages and ranking in analyzing the obtained data. Most of buyers purchase processed meat according to taste and next, price. the usually buy packaging sizes from 250 grams to 500 grams, which they find affordable and they normally choose regular flavoured processed meat than the sweet or spicy ones. Purefoods is the top brand choice of the respondents. Local brands are also being purchased as substitutes for the established ones. Buyers purchase processed meat once a week and usually from the supermarket.