HomeSulo: Journal of Student-Faculty Researchvol. 8 no. 1 (2006)

The Paralogical Metaphor of Learner-centered Approaches of Teaching

June P. Salana

Discipline: Education



Paralogical metaphor, sometimes called an antimetaphor is one in which there is no discernible point of resemblance between situations being compared.


A metaphor is a reflection of the world. While we see similarities of things, there can also be differences about them. A metaphor should have a life of its own and not be confined to, pigeonhole. It is then up to the individuals to discover it and to discern its meaning.


The Learner-centered Approach facilitates the exploration of that meaning. Under this approach, the learners feel safe and accepted, while they take the risk of seeking new knowledge and understanding. The setting the learning provides for involvement, interaction and socialization, along with a business-like approach to getting the work done. Learners are given frequent opportunities to confront new information and experiences in the search for meaning. However, these opportunities need to be provided in ways that allow students to do more than just receive information. Students must be allowed to confront new challenges using their past experience without the dominance of a teacher/giver of information. New meanings should be acquired through a process of personal discovery. The methods used to encourage such personal discovery must be highly individualized and adapted to the learner's own style and pace for learning (Combs 1996).